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Sweet Leaf

Oh, Canada!

As a tip of the ol’ mounty cap to the hard laboring folk of the great white north, I’m proud to present to you, the LEAF Patch!!

Last year, Canada opened up their maple syrup reserves. Their surplus storage of liquid gold, nearly 22 million kg worth!!

Amongst global shortages, the surplus was tapped for the first time in over three years, so that the global demand for maple syrup is fulfilled!!

There has been an increase in sugar-stealing, where thieves have tapped the maple trees and illegally sucked the succulent brown ooze for their own personal gain. Much more than an annual waffle hound should need.

And not only that, but another factor in this shortage travesty is global warming, because the maple trees will only produce when daily temperatures are above freezing, and at night have to be below freezing. So, stack those waffles high and be thankful for what you’ve got, for now. Soon, this delicacy will be extinct!

Or… weed 🤷🏼‍♂️

Available NOW in the web store (Link in Bio).



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