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Matchstick Union Patch Bear Karhu Camping Stars Under Tent Fire Night


Ain’t camping a hoot? You arrive, crack some brewsers, run around playing games, make your fire and then… damn, you forgot to pitch your tent.

Not to worry, though! A few more beers should make this daunting task a whole lot easier!

The stars are shining, in beautiful harmony as you and your pals exchange lies amongst the warm glow of the campfire, all too close to your tents to begin with.

Fast forward a few hours and you find yourself dangling ass out, searching for those last stakes to anchor your night’s home, and then *CRACK*… what’s that?

Not to worry, it’s just blood thirsty brown bears! No need to wrap up your quarters, because by this time tomorrow you’ve already been ran through the bowels of the beast!

Camping, you say? I believe I’ll pass.

This is the UNDER THE STARS Patch.



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